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Ok, Ok I give up. Here is a DIY Christmas post.

We're not really that big on Xmas at sans pareil. Neither of us are AGAINST it per se, but being from New Zealand, where it's high summer, it's a far cry from the snow covered-sitting by the fire place- mood of the other side of the hemisphere.

Anyway, I have decided to do a nail art DIY inspired post that's christmas themed. Just for you.

Here are some of my favourite ones fron zee world wide web,

 Zomg, how kawaii are these? Especially the last one!

Because I'm a wonderful daughter and NOT because I was home bored, I offered forced to paint my mum's nails. So here is my DIY, how to paint some xmas wrap nails!

1. Start with a plain layer of green.

2. Then, with some red nail polish and once it has dried, paint some stripes! If you've got a steady hand then you can free hand it, otherwise use cell-o-tape or a folder pice of paper to make the lines straight.

3. Volia! 
You now have Christmas themed nails. Have a magical day. xx R

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